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Hair line Reconstruction

Hair line Reconstruction

Hairline Reconstruction Technique

A receding and out of shape hairline leads to broad forehead that actually makes you look aged before time. Hairline reconstruction is the most crucial aspect of hair restoration surgery as inappropriate hairline ll make hair transplant look unnatural and requires additional care. Hair transplant with a natural looking hair line is aesthetically very gratifying and increases self esteem. Proper planning and careful design are an important aspect of hair transplant process.

Every patient’s hairline is unique, and no two patients are the same so also the face. So care must be taken to have a unique and customized hairline so that results are as natural as possible. Various factors that are taken in to consideration while designing hairline are age, forehead shape, extent of baldness, donor capacity and of course patient preference.

Determination of height of the Hairline :

The height of the frontal headline, or the hairline, can be determined by various ways, as –

  • It can be placed about seven to eight centimeters or three inches above the eyebrows
  • It can be drawn four fingers above the eyebrows
  • It can be placed two fingers above the highest forehead wrinkle 

Hair line Reconstruction

More Information

To create a new hairline the hair transplant surgeon will use an artistic approach and mimic the natural hairline shape. In order to extract the hair follicles and implant them on the donor site the hair transplant surgeon uses the following Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation procedure.

In FUE, slits are made on the recipient area to make irregularly irregular , zig-zag pattern hair line and the follicular grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp. Only true single hair   follicular units are transplanted in the hairline using implanter pen by keeping the angulation and direction of the hair in mind.

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