Team of World’s Renowned Surgeon - Alumnus from AIIMS(Delhi)


Team of World’s Renowned Surgeon


Doctor-Based clinic

Technician- Based Clinic

Medical Oversight

Procedure are directly supervised and performed by qualified( M.D. Dermatology) and experienced hair transplant surgeons.

Technician may conduct most of the procedure with limited oversight from a licensed physician


Surgeon have extensive training and expertise in surgical hair restoration technique.

Technician may have varying level of training and expertise, with less medical background.

Consultation and planning

Consultation typically involve direct interaction with the surgeon, who evaluates the patient’s condition and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Consultations may be primarily handled by sales staff or coordinators, with less direct involvement from the medical team.

Precision and Technique

Surgeons perform critical aspects of the procedure including recipient site creation, grafts extraction, ensuring precision and optimal aesthetic outcome.

Technician may handle aspects like grafts extraction, but may lack the surgical expertise and finesse of a qualified surgeon.

Quality Control

Emphasis on maintaining high standards of care and safety, with strict adherance to medical protocols and regulations.

Quality control may vary depending on the clinic;s protocols.


Typically, procedures may be more expensive due to the involvement of highly trained surgeons, medical staffs and advanced instrumentation.

Cost may be lower compared to doctor-based clinics, but quality of care and outcomes should be carefully considered.


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Experienced AIIMS-trained dermatologist

10+ years, 3000+ successful cases

No root-touch technique for better changes of graft survival

Advanced instrumentation, state-of-the-art facility

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