0% EMI Option Available At Allôroots


0% EMI Option Available At Our Clinic For Hair Transplant

These days, we frequently hear about the rising incidence of hair loss worldwide, and the numbers confirm this trend. But what is the solution?

Hair loss can be daunting, but finding the right solution is crucial. The answer is hair transplants!

Yes, you heard that right.

The next question is about the cost, as it is hard-earned money and not everyone can afford to pay for a hair transplant upfront.

There is a solution: an EMI option with 0% interest.

Let’s delve into this!

Our 0% interest EMI option is available exclusively for Indian patients. This allows our Indian clients to benefit from this option and get their hair transplant now.

Process of estimating the cost of hair transplant at Allôroots

At Allôroots Clinic, we begin by diagnosing your condition through a thorough clinical examination, detailed lab reports, and a comprehensive review of your medical history. Based on these findings, we develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Our process includes a meticulous scalp examination to determine the feasibility of a hair transplant. During this evaluation, we assess several key parameters, such as the number of hair grafts required, the suitability of the donor area, the type of hair transplant needed, and the most appropriate technique to use. These factors are carefully considered to provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the procedure.

How we help is arranging the cost?

We are with you in every step of your hair loss treatment journey!

  • We will definitely help you out if there is financial glitch too.

  • We can definitely provide 0% interest EMI option.

  • It might sound cumbersome but it is definitely worth trying.

  • When we suggest you the final cost. You are ready to have a meeting with our financial partners for the financial help. You can pay the money definitely on a monthly basis plan after getting the procedure immediately after you plan to. You can decide the transaction of EMI and the duration of the same that would ease your budget too.

  • The greatest benefit of going for a loan or EMI is that all of them are offered at 0 % interest. This would definitely ease your stress and make you chase your dream at a minimal cost.


Benefits of EMI option

It is no way best if you can afford the procedure in one go but if not then also we have provision. 0% interest EMI option could be the best you could think of. Here are explained the benefits of the same:

  1. Easy repay: At Allôroots clinic wit 0% interest EMI, you can decide the term of the deposit on your own as per your convenience. This way it would easy on your pocket while receiving an excellent hair transplant services.
  2. Affordable: It is definitely affordable if you could use the EMI option instead of shredding your savings at a time. In the world of raising inflation, this could be a feasible option.

When we are providing an easy EMI facility at Allôroots hair transplant clinic! what are you waiting for? Visit us today or book your appointment with us now.

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