Natural Hairline Design

Natural Hairline Design

Natural Hairline Design

Hair transplantation is a highly successful technique for covering wide foreheads and re-contouring the hairline. The overall success, in the end, depends on how attractive the results look. If in the end, the patient’s hairline looks plugged with hair growing in an incorrect direction or with temples closed abruptly, then the hair transplant is, of course, considered a wrong as well as a regardless of how pristine and untouched the donor site is! The hair transplant design requires artistic skills that are more considerable and needs a specific set of knowledge and experiences to perform the same. Making a natural hairline design is one of the most important fundamentals of a successful hair transplant procedure.

The key skills required for designing a Natural Hairline are as follows:

  1. Defining the borders of the hairline as well as understanding and being able to mimic the pictorial characteristics of a hairline
  2. Finding methods to locate the major borders of the scalp, in other words, divisions of region, i.e. frontal, mid and vertex region of the bald head
  3. Having the ability of visualization/imagination for natural hair growth of all the areas of the scalp
  4. Having an acquaintance of frontal hairline changes with MPHL or FPHL
  5. Knowledgeable about the randomly-placed style of hair growth in the frontal region of the head
  6. Directing and merging the hair immediately into the frontal hairline
  7. Aiming for hair growth as per the patient’s facial profile, age and looks

Natural Hairline Design

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