How can I sleep after my transplant?

Hair transplant surgery in Bhubaneswar involves a lot of pre and post-steps which you need to follow for avoiding any swelling, pain or infection. Your mind can go over the places when you think through all the steps because after a point of time, it can become a bit intimidating and confusing but you don’t need to worry about it as you can have all your answers here. When you are deciding to undergo any treatment for your hair loss or to prevent it from happening further then you will always want it to be done at maximum comfort and ease. Having said that, you need to be a little precautious when you are going to sleep immediately after your surgery, especially in the initial first week. As you know, the surgery would be performed on your head area and while sleeping you lean against it which is why you need to be careful about a few things when you are going to sleep. It is suggested by doctors that you should sleep in a position where your head is slightly elevated from your body. It should be at a 45-degree angle while your body is lying straight against the bed. Basically, your head needs to be above your chest level which you can do by adding a single or two pillows beneath your head. This is suggested in order to avoid swelling in your head and to give an accurate position for your head to rest. Conclusively, you do not need a calculator to do the math’s as there is none. It is simply a position which is suggested by doctors to avoid swelling and headaches.

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