The process of hair turning white or grey or simply relying on hair is a biological process that occurs with age eventually. This is not pre-determined by factors like genetics or the medical history of an individual. The colour of your hair is defined by the amount of melanin contained in your body. Melanin confines the colour of your hair. You get it from your genes which determine the ratio of melanin in your hair follicles and it is not voluntary. As you proceed to age, the production of melanin begins to slow down which will turn your hair grey or white. As there is a deficit production of melanin the hair shafts will turn grey or white, it is stated by proficient hair transplant specialists in Bhubaneswar. A hair transplant is not liable for greying your hair but in some cases, it has been observed that it tends to alter the colour of the hair. Although, nowadays you can see young people’s hair turning grey or white so the reason behind it is lifestyle conditions. It would help if you tried to live a fit lifestyle and do what is essential for your health as it can help you in preventing premature greying of hair. The following are some tips to avoid it-

● Avoid Stress

Stress is an invisible threat that can be the cause of many physical adversities that the body goes through. Excessive stress can also result in PTSD. Stress is not at all good for your mind and body and it can impair your overall health. The basic mechanism of how stress can contribute to greying of hair is that chronic stress will
lead to chronic inflammation which descends the quality and span of melanin-making cells. This will eventually shorten the life of your good black hair and be accountable for hair loss. So, that is how stress can severely harm your hair conditions.

● Maintain a healthy diet

Food is essentially the most important supplement that a body needs. Bad quality of the diet can be the reason responsible for many problems including hair fall. As you comprehend, what you ingest as food plays a crucial role in the general growth of the body. It is mandatory and essential to have a good healthy intake that is full of nutritional elements. You should not take your diet for granted or let your body consume it unwholesomely. Therefore, you should take your diet as suggested by the doctor or plan your diet accordingly. It is okay to have a cheat meal in between sometimes but you should religiously formalize your ingest. No matter how many medications you take or what exercises you follow it will never result in your desire because food is the backbone of your overall growth. There are some meals which should be certainly taken regularly which are –

a) Rich protein
b) Vitamins intake
c) Omega-3
d) Leafy vegetables
e) Calcium

● Medication and check-ups

Medications can also help to heal the problem of hair fall since the medications can provide a lot of nutrients that are not present in your diet which is responsible for strengthening and healing hair scalps. It rejuvenates our body from within and your body is not able to be extracted from food because of some deficiency.

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