Hair transplant is one of the medical services which has gained demand in the past few years in India and the reason is that it is a very advanced procedure with many qualified doctors and it is very cost-effective here which is a win-win situation for anyone who is looking for a hair transplant surgery. India has become a preferred destination for many healthcare services in recent times because of its rapid growth in medication facilities. Nowadays, hair transplant in Bhubaneswar is preferred by many people for treatment. There are many adept hair doctors in Bhubaneswar who hold expertise in hair transplant surgery and lately, Bhubaneswar has become the hub for the same. 

Now, the success rate of your hair transplant is variable and very subjective. It absolutely depends on the patient’s condition as every human body works distinctively. Although how successful your hair transplant is can depend on majorly the donor area and the recipient area. The results can be scaled after four to nine months of the surgery but some patient also takes twelve months to show the deciding results. So, the following are some contributing factors that influence the success ratio of your hair transplant surgery which are as follows –

As your own body hair is the donor for your recipient area so how successful your hair transplant is depends on the hair pattern of the donor area. Ideally, the beard is the best donor area but if not available then it can be arms, thighs, calves, etc. typically, women have unusual hair patter than men. 

The biggest influential factor is your surgeon who will perform the surgery on you and the clinic you chose to get it done. It is very crucial to follow the right code of conduct. 

The initial 3 days are very critical after surgery and a specific regime is prescribed by the doctor that you must follow to avoid any result alterations. Also, in the first 7-8 weeks you need to be careful about your physical activities. 

Typically, the newly transplanted hair can fall for 2-4 weeks of the surgery which is why you should avoid hair washing in the initial 3 days and later try to keep it once a week. 

It is advised to not take extra burden mentally or physically because it can lead to hair fall damage to your newly transplanted hair. You should not involve in heavy-duty physical workouts or any mental activity that raises stress. 

It is highly advised to not scratch your scalp often, in fact, you should not run your fingers or touch it frequently unless required. It can alter the implanted hairs leading to unnecessary hair fall. 

Drinking plenty of water is always advisable but post-surgery you must stay hydrated. If drinking water is not consistent then you can always go to fruits that increase your hydration level like water chestnut, watermelon, pomegranate, etc. 

Sun is full of nutritional vitamins but it can sometimes turn into a curse for your body. Therefore, post-surgery try to avoid direct sunlight contact with your surgical area, as it can cause sunburns and extreme hair loss. 


So, the above-mentioned are some tips that you should keep in mind, other than this hair transplant surgeries have proven to be the life-savior to soo many people with the majority of success. You can reliably go for a hair transplant surgery and follow these precautionary steps which is a temporary effort for a long-term advantage.

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