Side Effects of Hair Transplant

There is no doubt that hair transplant surgery works like a magic for anyone who is trying to get their good hair days back. It is proven over time that it is simply a wonder how your empty scalp and lost hair can be grown back with a simple surgery. It is a very trusted medical procedure and in past few years, it has really made an impact on many lives. But no matter how medically advanced it becomes it will always have its disadvantages and side effects which come along post-treatment as it is not naturally grown hair which is why it will give you side effects. There are several side effects of which some cannot be avoided and some are subjective. 

This is one of the most common side effects that any patient suffers from post-completion of the surgery. Scarring is a side effect that cannot be avoided as it ought to happen post-surgery. It is a fine scars line that will be visible on your body once you have gone through a hair transplant.

Once you are done with surgery you will have several infections it is not fixed but in the majority of cases, it has happened. Few people have faced pus drainage or a layer of crust around the surgical area. It also can lead to headaches, itching or swelling. All these infections are not fixed but have happened in most cases.

This is also a very commonly found side effect post-surgery that many people have faced their scalp bleeds or very thin water-based liquid discharges from the surgical area. It is often on the cuts and slits that were made during the hair transplant in Bhubaneswar. Bleeding can be painful sometimes or it can cause dizziness. It can also numb your sensation around the back of the head. 

Your hair follicles will burn every now and then which can lead to severe headaches and itching. As your hair roots were moved from one portion of the head to other so it is a side effect that will occur. Inflammation can give your serious headaches and it will also create a very itchy scalp. Swelling is also very commonly seen majorly on the foot, hand and chest. 

Hair transplant surgery can also create sexual dysfunction. It is a very rare side effect but still some patients have faced it. Your body does not support or cannot perform sexually oriented tasks. This is a very rare side effect but you need to be aware of it. 

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