Typically, alopecia areata can be understood as sudden hair loss Primitively, there are circular bald patches that may overlap in the future. AA or alopecia areata is the mark of the beginning of hair loss that will surely result in complete baldness and unfortunately, there are no measures to prevent it. However, if you are diagnosed with alopecia areata in the initial stage then you can take some precautions that will help in ministering it. The following are some are treatment options for alopecia areata – 

For the primitive stage in cases of AA, oral medications are highly suggested by many dermatologists. It is easily accessible and is certified to give you effective results if you are suffering from alopecia areata. Some of the basic oral medications include immunosuppressants, JAK inhibitors, methotrexate etc. 

In addition to stopping the immune system’s attack from the inside through oral medications, your doctor may recommend several topical treatments to help stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Several topical treatments prevent you from AA, like contact immunotherapy, topical corticosteroids, minoxidil (rogaine), anthralin   (drithocreme HP) etc. 

In the past few years, this method has been seen to be highly preferred to cure alopecia areata. In this method, your blood is ejected from your body and separated in a centrifuge before injecting the plasma again into your treatment area. This helps in promoting your natural hair growth and prevents further hair loss which can lead to alopecia areata. 

Food is surely among the most guiding factors that affect how our body works and it is through these nutrients provided by healthy intakes of a balanced diet that a body is able to fight problems like hair fall, infections, etc. When you ingest a wholesome meal it provides your body with all the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium which aids in enhancing your overall body growth. This simultaneously promotes your hair growth and can be effective in treating hair fall. 

Generally, people do not know that excessive stress has a lot to do with hair fall problems. When you are suffering from severe anxiety and stress it can lead to hair loss resulting in alopecia areata. Therefore, it is crucial to control your stress and relax your mind by entertaining yourself with music, dance, and movies you can also practice yoga as it helps it calming your body.

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