Hair transplant surgery has gained a lot of appreciation in contemporary times but no one can deny that it is surely a complicated procedure and small negligence can result in miserably failed results. There are several factors that should be considered before going for a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant surgery has been practiced since 1950 yet as a patient you can have your doubts regarding the procedure and outcomes.  It is the best remedy for anyone who has been suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, and hair receding because it is safe for your scalp and body. According to the best hair transplant specialists in Bhubaneswar, you can fix your problem effortlessly by going for a hair transplant surgery and seeing what wonder sit brings. However, there is a possibility that sometimes you might not get the results you wanted from your initial hair transplant surgery.

There can be various contributing factors that can influence your results when you undergo your first surgery, never the less, you always have a chance to redeem it by opting for a second hair transplant. Now, before undergoing your second hair transplant you should know about the right time and conditions for it which are as follows-

● Androgeneticalopecia development Androgenetic alopecia is the stage when maximum hair loss has taken place. It starts with patches of baldness or a reduction in hair density and leads to a stage of complete baldness. So, if your hair transplant is performed in your initial stage of hair loss it can again result in baldness because a hair transplant cannot prevent future hair fall, it is only designed to aid you with thick hair regrowth in the current time.

● After the first hair transplant is completed In many cases, people have baldness or excessive hair loss patches which cannot be dealt with under a single hair transplant procedure. It is advised that your whole surgery is performed in segments and not necessarily tone time because it will not bring outa satisfying results. So, in this case, doctors carry out your whole treatment in two segments with an interval of time, therefore, you need to undergo your hair transplant surgery twice or maybe thrice to completely execute the whole treatment and get your desired results.

● Fixation of the first hair transplant. Sometimes due to variable factors, there is a possibility that the first hair transplant procedure might not result in the desired results. The reason behind a failed hair transplant is the donor area, grafts, or your body’s response. When the donor area can not provide you with a quality graft that can alter the results when grafts extracted are not enough to cover the bald area then you also can end up with a failed hair transplant. So, you can go for another round of hair transplant surgery to correct it.

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