How long does the pain last after a hair transplant?

Hair transplant as a medical procedure to regain cosmetic beauty has been one of the most trending and in-demand medical procedures in recent years. Although there are many questions that run through the mind of an individual when he decides to go for this treatment because of the multi-dimensional factors which are involved in making […]

How to know if my hair transplant is successful?

Hair transplant is one of the medical services which has gained demand in the past few years in India and the reason is that it is a very advanced procedure with many qualified doctors and it is very cost-effective here which is a win-win situation for anyone who is looking for a hair transplant surgery. […]

Feed Your Follicle: What diet you should take for healthy hair growth ?

Hair Loss Treatment in Bhubaneswar Though hormone and genetics play a major role in male pattern hair loss, diet still have some control over your hair loss especially in female, where nutritional deficiency is a major cause of diffuse hair loss. Hair is a growing organ which requires essential elements, such as proteins, vitamins, and […]

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