So, ever since your birth, you have all the hair follicles that you will need which is approximately around 90,000 to 1,20,000. These hair follicles are under your scalp skin and hair starts growing from the root of these follicles. The blood reaches the root of your follicle containing oxygen and important nutrients which helps each hair to grow. As and when your hair starts growing it will push through an oil gland which is why your hair comes out soft and shiny. When there is a deficiency of this oil gland then people start facing issues of rough and damaged hair. Although losing 100 hair a day is normal. When this mechanism is hindered it can lead to excessive hair fall or even baldness.

There are many ways to avoid hair fall and prevent your scalp from getting bald and there is no better way than nature to promote your hair growth because nature has all the ingredients that your hair will need to boost its development. Additionally, you have certain options like a hair transplant which can medically cure your hair loss problem. In this regard, you cannot overlook hair transplants in Bhubaneswar. The following are some tips that can help you control hair loss by your self effectively – 

Avoid taking prolonged hot showers or head wash in hot water. Too much heat can damage your hair. Instead, opt for lukewarm water while taking a head bath. Also, try limiting the use of curling irons or blow dryers. The less you’ll deal with these heat styling tools, the better off your hair will be. If you style your hair too often, use a hair protection spray before experimenting.

According to many best hair transplant surgeons, your protein intake is not enough that it can boost your hair follicles to grow new hair. Protein is a vital nutrient when it comes to promoting hair growth. The nutrient will not come from a pizza, burger, or fries. You need to consume food which high in various nutrients like vitamins, proteins, ions, biotin, zinc, and omega. These nutritional elements will stimulate hair growth from the hair follicle and will give you amazing results. 

Yes, it might sound very unreasonable but a good scalp massage will immensely help you grow your hair and it relaxes your nerve points which can reduce stress and tension. It is a very effective technique if you want faster hair growth. There’s nothing like a good scalp massage for your hair in the winter. This helps increase blood circulation to your scalp, which helps strengthen the hair follicles from within. To get rid of dandruff, take some oil and mix some amount of camphor and apply it to your scalp. Camphor works as an antiseptic and helps in reducing the dryness of your scalp and preventing itchiness.

When you use different styling products like straighteners, curling irons, tong rods, etc it will create huge damage to your hair which can lead to breakage and roughness. It takes away the smoothness and shines from your hair. You should not at all use such products on your hair. It is okay to be fascinated by colored/dyed hair as it elevates your appearance but at a very big cost which is your healthy hair. You should not experiment with tonnes of dyes or colors as they contain harmful chemicals that will exhaust your good hair.

Trimming prevents your hair from falling, breaking, or getting damaged. There are many people who do not trim their hair in order to make them longer but the fact, but if you trim your hair regularly it can promote hair growth.

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