What is the role of hair transplant in scarring alopecia?

What is the role of hair transplant in scarring alopecia? Scarring alopecia, also known as  Cicatricial alopecias (CA) has been one of the major hair-related problems when it comes to treatment through hair transplantation. Variable factors like genetics, infections, and hormonal can be the root cause behind the problem. CA should be dealt with seriously […]

Hair transplant in Scarring Alopecia

Hair transplant in Scarring Alopecia Scarring alopecia is a serious problem related to hair fall because it leads to permanent baldness. Scarring alopecia is termed in the language of biological references as Cicatricial alopecias (CA). Multiple reasons can be responsible for this like trauma, hormonal, infection, and genetics. Cicatricial alopecia is considered a trichological emergency […]

What are the treatment options for alopecia areata?

Typically, alopecia areata can be understood as sudden hair loss Primitively, there are circular bald patches that may overlap in the future. AA or alopecia areata is the mark of the beginning of hair loss that will surely result in complete baldness and unfortunately, there are no measures to prevent it. However, if you are […]

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