What Can I Eat After Hair Transplant?

As you know, what you consume as food plays a vital role in the overall development of the body. It is mandatory and essential to have a good healthy intake which is full of nutritional elements like vitamins, iron, calcium etc. You should not take your diet for granted even if it is in general and you are not undergoing any special treatments. When it comes to consuming food on purpose like post hair transplant in Bhubaneswar then it is a must to strictly follow the diet which is being recommended and not skip it for any reason. Food is the root cause of many diseases today and it is also responsible for hair fall. Whilst you consume healthily and stick to your diet it can promote your hair growth and physical and mental body development.

Therefore, you should take your diet as suggested by the doctor or plan your own diet accordingly. It should not be just for sticking on the fridge but rather be followed daily until required. It is okay to have a cheat meal in between sometimes, but you should religiously regularize your intake or consumption of food. No matter how many medications you take or what exercises you follow it will never result in your desire because food is the backbone of your overall growth. The way food can enhance your health nothing in this world can. As a fact, whenever there is something wrong going on in your body be it health be it hormones its mental stress your hair suffers first. Anything that goes wrong in the body and your hair fall will start which can lead to some serious issues if not taken accurate care of.

There are some foods which should be definitely taken on a regular basis which are –

Also, there is a list of consumption that you should strictly avoid post-hair transplant which is –

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