How long does the pain last after a hair transplant?

Hair transplant as a medical procedure to regain cosmetic beauty has been one of the most trending and in-demand medical procedures in recent years. Although there are many questions that run through the mind of an individual when he decides to go for this treatment because of the multi-dimensional factors which are involved in making […]

Hair transplant limitations?

A hair transplant is a surgical treatment where your own existing hair roots are transferred to another area of your head where the hairs are receding. It is a very common process today which is practiced by many people but with loads of advantages, there also comes some limitations with it as a coin has […]

Does transplanted hair turn grey?

As a fact, the colour of our hair is independent of the factor of having a hair transplant, PRP treatment or any other elective or cosmetic surgery. It is not at all dependent on the medical history of someone or any additional hair treatments because the colour of your hair solely depends on the amount […]

What advantages of PRP after a hair transplant?

Advantages of PRP After Hair Transplant With the onset of medical development as much as it is beneficial it can be dilemmas and confusing as to whether to go for any specific treatment or not. PRP treatment also known as Platelet-Rich-Plasma treatment is amongst those highly popular medical processes nowadays which is beneficial for many […]

Life After Hair Transplant – Do’s and Don’ts?

Hair transplant is being practiced since the late 1950s, but the techniques have evolved so much since then. There are a lot of advancements made which have been getting practiced in recent times. It has elevated the hair transplant procedure completely and it will keep getting better with time. Along with this, there comes a […]

How can I sleep after my transplant?

Hair transplant surgery in Bhubaneswar involves a lot of pre and post-steps which you need to follow for avoiding any swelling, pain or infection. Your mind can go over the places when you think through all the steps because after a point of time, it can become a bit intimidating and confusing but you don’t […]

Is a hair transplant painful?

Is a Hair Transplant Painful? Without even saying it any patient would want to go for medical treatment or surgical treatment which is painless. Especially, when it comes to elective or cosmetic treatments then anyone would prefer it to be as less painful as it can be. When you are deciding to undergo any treatment […]

How can I restore my hair loss?

Hair loss is not always a big issue as long as it is leading towards baldness or an extreme amount of hair fall. Sometimes it is natural to have hair fall but it can become really serious which can cause baldness or empty scalp areas. There are many reasons why you can have terrible hair […]

Is it good to go for a hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is a very critical process medically. It requires a lot of expertise to deal with patients as every patient’s case is unique so you need to be very particular about the treatment. It involves shifting your own hairs from your body or some portion of your head to another portion to fill […]

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