A hair transplant is a surgical treatment where your own existing hair roots are transferred to another area of your head where the hairs are receding. It is a very common process today which is practiced by many people but with loads of advantages, there also comes some limitations with it as a coin has two facets.

The following are some disadvantages or limitations of hair transplant surgery –

A hair transplant surgery in Bhubaneswar can have a longer duration of recovery period than others. A quick recovery duration is required as you need to resume all your daily routine chores which have been stopped because of the post-surgery effects. You need to rest after the hair transplant procedure, but it cannot be for too long as it will start hindering your daily life. But this is the limitation that comes along with hair transplant surgery.

As you know, your own hair follicles are transplanted from one portion to another which means you are your donor. This can be a big limitation sometimes as if your own hair follicles are not of enough quality then it can alter the desired results. When the donor area is losing the potential to perform its best it can affect the outcome of the whole procedure.

Your body undergoes intense hair treatment, and everybody is unique and reacts differently to different treatments. So, when you have gone through a hair transplant surgery then it may cause an infection on your scalp or maybe on some parts of your body that react to the procedure. The infection can cause you discomfort which leads to a limitation for this surgery.

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