As a fact, the colour of our hair is independent of the factor of having a hair transplant, PRP treatment or any other elective or cosmetic surgery. It is not at all dependent on the medical history of someone or any additional hair treatments because the colour of your hair solely depends on the amount of melanin you have in your body. Melanin determines the colour of your hair and the amount of melanin there in your body is dependent genetically. You get it from your genes which determine the ratio of melanin in your hair follicles and it is not voluntary. As you proceed to age, the production of melanin becomes to slow down which will turn your hair grey or sometimes white. As there is lesser production of melanin the hair shafts will turn grey or white. A hair transplant in Bhubaneswar is not responsible for greying your hair but in some cases, it has been observed that it tends to alter the colour of the hair still it is a very rare case and you should not consider this while going for a hair transplant. Although, nowadays you can see young people’s hair turning grey or white so the reason behind it is lifestyle disorders. You should try to live a healthy lifestyle where you have complete sleep, you are not up all night, you eat healthy etc. all these components also derive your hair colour or your health overall.

Conclusively, the greyness in your hair does not come along with a hair transplant. It is an independent factor which is determined by melanin in your body.

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