With the adventage of technology and science in the field of health care, new methods and processes of treatment are exponentially rising. Some of these are so new that they are hard to understand for the normal human being to adapt and understand the requirements and outcomes of such procedures. One such technique is known as Platelet Rich Plasma treatment(PRP). Platelet-Rich-Plasma isa medical procedure where the patient gets insinuated with their blood cells to mark recovery in a distinct area. It can be very notable in hair restoration and implantation if done in the right code of conduct. PRP treatment focuses on enhancing the existing hair and retaining a better texture than the previous one. Thus, PRP treatment when combined with a hair transplant then performs like wizardry . Both of these therapies are adhesive to each other which will make your grafted hair firmer and finer. PRP treatment can get you promoted blood flow in the body. In this regard, you can always consider hair transplant surgery in Bhubaneswar. PRP treatment can help in the faster healing of tissues that were torn in the hair transplant procedure and it will also escalate the viability of the hair follicles after the surgery is performed completely. Alongside this, you also need to follow the before and aftercare of the PRP treatment to sustain the best results.

They are as follows-

Before your treatment
● The preparation of PRP therapy is easily managerial and starts just a few days prior to your first session. Doctor’s advice must be strictly followed in order to maintain the body in the ideal condition for taking the best benefit out of the process. It is advisable to stop taking steroid injections or other medications without the doctor’s approval.

● When there is a week left in your treatment you should stop ingesting any blood-thinning herbs or supplements because your blood plays an imperative role in the PRP treatment.

● Four days before your therapy stop using any anti-inflammatory medications and make sure to drink eight glasses of water every single day so that your body is well hydrated.

● On the day of PRP therapy, you must eat a wholesome meal, plenty of water, and have a complete sleep.

After your treatment
Taking bat in the following 24 hours of the treatment is advised to be prevented. The injection site should be taken care of and it must not be exposed to historic.

● You should try to dodge any alcoholic drinks or beverages, and smoke post-therapy because it alters the treatment outcome.

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