What is the buzz around immediate hair transplantation?

As the lifestyle of people has taken an ascend in terms of technology, pace, and advancements, where everything you do has made sophisticated and safe modifications, it is normal for you to expect perfection. This is what has made hair transplants so popular in recent times where 38% of the population wants to undergo hair transplant surgery to fix their hair thinning or baldness. It has become extremely preferable to many people. In this regard, you cannot overlook hair transplant specialists in Bhubaneswar as they have provided so many successful cases of hair transplants, and the biggest contributing factor to this success is hair transplant cost in Bhubaneswar. The results that you will get after the procedure is completed will meet your desires with a low-cost hair transplant in Bhubaneswar. 

Besides, the success of a hair transplant surgery is evident you would still have some queries about the surgery and post-surgery results. It is normal to expect a piece of detailed information, beforehand. Thankfully, the hair transplant procedure is very simple and straightforward wherein the recovery duration is at least. So, the following is a brief that will explain all about the post-operative results – 
  • Immediate post-op 
When your surgery is just completed the surgical area where the doctor worked is going to look slightly red, shiny, and swollen. If you look closely, you will also see thousands of new little hairs standing up where the follicular unit grafts were implanted. You will also have a small bandage around your forehead and the doctor will likely allow you to carefully wear a hat home. The doctor will provide pain medications and some antibiotic medications and detailed written post-operative instructions. All you need is to go home and take a rest in your recovery period. 
  • Day 5 – 10 
Since its been 5 to 10 days since the surgery, you can now resume your daily chores as before like bathing, sleeping, dressing etc. you can also remove the bandage applied by the doctor. While the grafts do not technically anchor completely until day 10, they are secure enough by the 5th day to resume basic normal activity. During this period, patients should wash their scalp more vigorously and the transplant should begin to look like a clean “buzz cut” – with the scalp clear of scabs and debris and the newly transplanted hair clearly visible.
  • Final results 
The final result starts showing on the 10th day of the surgery, the grafts are fully anchored, the staples are removed, the transplant truly looks like a clean buzz-cut, and most patients now go back to their normal routine without much-unwanted attention. Most clinics will also now allow patients to resume normal exercise activity.  This marks the end of the post-op period and now patients can prepare themselves for the fun part which is the hair regrowth phase.  Conclusion  You can easily achieve all of this with the right guidance and doctors. The best hair transplant in Bhubaneswar is always an option to reach out to and besides that, you just need to follow all the post-op instructions given by the doctor to fully accomplish a great hair transplant surgery. Here you can experience real hair transplant results by Dr. Alok Kumar Sahoo to watch full videos to build your confidence for a hair transplant.

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